Suvarnabhumi Airport Phase 2


Suvarnabhumi Airport Phase 2 built for extended flight at the airport for flights up to 68 flights / hour. Which is heavily congested at this time by AOT. Prepare to back up the runway length 2900 meters wide and 60 meters to accommodate the runway, there were not enough.

Not only that, Flights over 293,000 flights in 2557, the year that will not be enough in agility. The new runway will increase flights up to 30 flights / hour to 98 flights per hour, this airport. There are also other building Concourse. The capacity A380, Boeing 747 for up to eight A340 aircraft and 20 pit stops and the Boeing 747 are also compatible with the building area of 960,000 square meters of high unfold.

And the airport has a terminal at a second area of 265,000 square meters of high-fourth session of the passenger terminal, offices and parking for up to 3,000 vehicles by connecting considering using Monorail within airport capacity. to be completed by the year 2562 can support up to 65 million passengers per year, which increased by almost 20 million people (out of 2557).

AOT. Speculate that this airport will accommodate 60 million passengers per year, up to the building has been completed as planned.

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